Quality assurance and RPL Systems  

Quality assurance and RPL Systems

Quality Assurance is a planned and systematic review process. It provides confidence that acceptable standards are being met, and aims for continuous improvement.

Quality in RPL can be described as “the establishment of and adherence to policies, processes, and assessment practices that maximize candidates’ opportunities to fully and accurately demonstrate relevant knowledge, skills and experience.”

A quality RPL system ensures that a candidate’s learning is recognized regardless of where it was acquired. All learning – whether formal, informal, or non-formal – is valuable and should be recognized

Emphasis in quality assurance with regards to RPL is on:

  • standardised processes (to make sure the right players are involved at the right time)
  • standardised systems (to ensure consistency)

Candidates, staff, assessors and external stakeholders should form part of on-going evaluation exercises. Candidates should  be encouraged to provide feedback on the entire RPL experience on completion of the process.

Institutions need to monitor and adapt the RPL services and assessments in order to make the process more effective and efficient, and to ensure that the RPL process is in line with national standards and developmental objectives.

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