Explaining Accreditation?

To become accredited: Firstly you need to understand the word Accredited. Click here! Explaining the different types of accreditation. 1)      Freelancers and Qualified Staff 2)      Become an Accredited Training Provider   1.Freelancers and Qualified Staff. To be able to facilitate any programme you must have the US 117871 “Train the Trainer” Certificate (at least NQF 5 level) approved through the ETDP SETA. To be able to assess any learner (with seta work) you must have the US 115753 “Conduct Assessments” Certificate  (at least NQF 5 level) approved through the ETDP…

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Criteria for Accredited Providers

We often have questions regarding Accreditation: What does it really mean? How can I confirm that someone or something is accredited? This falls into two different categories, namely a) provider accreditation  b) programme accreditation. These are two totally different processes, meaning that a Training Provider must be Accredited with one of the ETQA’s (SETA’s) and each programme they use must carry its own accreditation. “Provider accreditation can only be with one SETA, but they have the approval to train different programmes in different SETA’s. These programmes has been approved by…

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Become QCTO Accredited

Become QCTO Accredited Skills Provider in South Africa About the ETQA’s process to become QCTO Accredited Skills Provider: Skills Providers (Training Providers) in South Africa must apply for QCTO (before SETA) Accreditation. Skills Providers, previously Training Providers has to offer part qualifications/or full qualifications. They also have to be registered with the DHET (since 1 July 2017) Requirements to become a QCTO Accredited Skills Provider: The document Criteria and Guidelines to become a QCTO Accredited Skills Provider sets out the requirements for accreditation. The programmes (and/or assessments) offered by the education and…

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